Dark Spell

The Dark Spell is a bait that has taken years of research to get right and is not made like any other bait on the market today. It is the next generation of carp baits made from an engineered base that has been specifically formulated to not only be an HNV but also have a significantly high nutritional availability for carp like no other bait in the past. Its formulation is a mix of milk, fish, marine and seed proteins that have been uniquely blended and hydrolysed. This process reduces the protein chains to short lengths making them more nutritionally available and easier to digest. This process is unique to Rollin and creates 80% of the base for The Dark Spell. The remaining 20% is made up of two further hydrolysed ingredients, our own specialised additives, and binders. One of the additives we have used in this bait is a derivative of a well-known ingredient called Trigrol. We have taken this ingredient and redesigned its formulation to make it more carp orientated than pet food. However, we did not stop there because along with this we have also included in this bait a bacterial derived attractor and a product we call Carp Coke – a mix of L-form amino and organic acids, which again is something unique to Rollin. Throughout this baits trial period we have been totally amazed at its ability to change results, and now you have the chance to do the same. Rollin has decided to sell this bait at a special introductory price and one that is easily affordable for most anglers, try it and let the magic begin.

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