Game Changer

I knew Lee, Shaun and Dave were working on a new bait up at Rollin HQ so was very interested to find out more. I was told it is a high nutritional value bait with no less than five hydrolysed ingredients and one emulsified in high percentages. Three of the ingredients are made by Rollin so are exclusive making the bait unique which is rare in todays saturated market. I was assured the bait would work well in the cold and it was to be called “The Game”.

Soon enough I received 20K to use and was immediately struck by the subtle fruity smell and nice colour of the bait. My first session using it was a two night session in late November on a massive pit of nearly 200 acres. I knew an area near an island had form for producing late in the year and this time round was no different. The fishing was at very long range so wasn’t the easiest to get spot on with the crosswind that was blowing. I did my best but I wasn’t happy with the way things went for the first night so I was up first thing the following morning to get things how I wanted without the wind spoiling it.

With the lack of wind it was a lot easier to get the rigs in the zone and bait up accurately. Three pop-ups on multi rigs were dispatched along with about 3K of 12mm,16mm and chopped Game boilies. The hook baits were also glugged in The Game dip to give them extra appeal to any passing carp. Getting the rods sorted early was the right decision as the wind was soon back up to speed but I’d done what I wanted to do.

The day passed by without incident but most of the recent captures had been in darkness so I wasn’t worried. For that time of year the temperature was exceptionally mild and still hitting double figures. After being in situ since early morning the middle rod signalled a take with the bobbin dropping about three inch then rising back up to the rod and the line pinged out of the clip. It felt like a good fish, even at range so I steadily pumped it back until it was plodding around about 30m out. A sign of a good fish is the amount of time it takes to turn at the end of a run and this one was a doing just that. I could see a dark shape breaking the surface as the fish came into netting range and it was mine at the first attempt.

My first fish on The Game was a pristine 31lb common, I couldn’t have asked for a better start. I did the photos and slipped him back with a big smile on my face. I opted to not put the rod back out as the wind was still blowing and I didn’t want to risk a miscast affecting the two rods I still had out there.

That was the right decision was proved to be the right one when the right hand rod was away and another big pit carp battled out in the blackness. Strangely the fish swam towards me most of the way in and had me wondering what I was attached to but any doubt was erased when it went on a 30ish yard run to my right. It continued to battle in the deep margins until tiring and succumbing to my net. My second carp of the night was an angry mirror of 28lb which performed for the camera by sticking its dorsal up.

That was the end of the action but I was very happy with the two carp that paid me a visit, especially as they were on a new bait. The Game is everything promised and more. I predict a lot of big fish will play The Game in 2019

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