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Inception base mix with liquids. Just add eggs.

This Base mix is supplied with the correct amount of liquid food/flavour for the weight ordered.

We recommend 7 to 8 eggs per kg depending on egg size.

Liquids to be added at 30ml to 40ml per KG.

Note : We recommend sealing in a bag for 30 minutes to allow the soaking process, then just add extra egg/liquids or base mix depending on how sticky or stiff you would like the paste.

Always run a test boil before committing to boiling large amounts.

When rolled correctly expect returns of over 28KG from 20KG of base mix.

Previous rolling experience is recommended but not essential.

This bait is a perfect nutrition blend of marine and crustacean meal but with a few added special extras. Its solubility is carefully balanced to give long lasting results without any special application. The blend of attractors, L form amino acids and palatents make this bait very attractive and unique.

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