Optimum Boilies

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We make no apologies for the cost of this bait. It contains a very high percentage of quality milk proteins and hydrolysed ingredients. This bait was never formulated around costs but on its effectiveness and its ability to give anglers results. Its solubility is exceptional which means it does need to be used with this in mind but makes a perfect cold water bait. It’s generally instant and does not seem to benefit greatly from heavy pre baiting. If you are looking for that special bait that’s totally different from anything currently available, then look no further.

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Weight 1 kg
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10mm Round, 12mm Round, 14mm Round, 16mm Round, 18mm Round, 20mm Round, 24mm Round, 30mm Round, 12mm x 16mm Small Barrel, 14mm x 18mm Medium Barrel, 16mm x 20mm Large Barrel

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