The HI-LYTE Range Star White Wafters


Simply select the size of  wafter you would like, supplied in tubs.

Product contents 100 grams.

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Hi-LYTE Range Wafters are our uniquely created high attract hook baits like none other on the market today. They all have a combination of our own attractors and colours that have proven remarkably effective during testing. Like our Cloned range they have been formulated with microfine detail to ensure their consistency and reliability.

These subtle Star White Wafters have a unique blend of fruits and attractors that have been proven time and time again, similar to Hi-LYTE pop up range results starting at first test have confirmed these Wafters as worthy of a place in our ever growing range.

Simply trim to balance. Designed to work with an array of rigs from heavy to light.

Product contents 100 grams.

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Weight 0.1 kg

10mm x 14mm Small Barrel, 12mm x 16mm Medium Barrel

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